Web hosting and a domain name are two completely different things. While both of them are concerned with your website’s individual position in the market, they have entirely different configuration processes and functions.

Beginners in the website creation arena tend to confuse both of these things. While your web hosting service provider will help you create a server for your website, they will most likely ask you to purchase your domain name beforehand. Let us list out the basic differences between web hosting and domain name to clear the mist for you.

Basically, web hosting is something your web hosting service provider will cater for you. It includes creating a customized space for your website on the internet, to store all your content such as images, text, and documents. The helps your website run smoothly.

On the other hand, a domain name is an address that you use to access your website on the internet. You will need to purchase this domain name before you begin the process of hosting for your website. Once the website is created and the domain is registered, users can reach your website by typing the respective name into the address bar.

Domain Name                         

If we look at what a domain name is in detail, the reality is, it is just a nickname for a set of numbers. Actually, the internet is a medium that connects all the computers in the world, through a set of cables. What makes this possible is that each computer has its own unique IP address.

While computers can easily process and remember these IP addresses, a human cannot. That’s where the domain name comes in. We create a set of letters or words we can easily remember to reach a particular website. That’s a domain name.

Web Hosting

Hosting is basically an online home for your website. It’s where all your files are stored, as we mentioned earlier as well.

A web hosting company backs all websites. This way, when a user enters your domain name into the address bar, it translates into the IP address of your hosting company’s computer, where your files are stored. From there, your files are sent to the users’ computer, so now he can view and read them as well.

Now you see how a domain name and hosting are related but are two different things. Web hosting companies in Karachi will help you purchase the domain name of your choice and provide the hosting your need for your online portal. So get your business online today.

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