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Who says you don’t judge a book by its cover? It has become a common notion these days to check the cover before investing into it, and we, at 3dm-sols believe that to be true. Not giving attention to your packaging can lead to serious marketing malfunction. What response would you get if you try to sell some high-quality perfume in a murky, gray bottle? You know the answer.
Being a versatile design company based in Pakistan, we are the shiny, multi-faceted glass bottle to your perfume! Simply saying, we provide the best solutions when it comes to package design.
We improvise in normal, functional packaging by determining the proper placement of your logo, tagline product details, and extra embellishments. The final look will comprise of a balanced, aesthetic and professional aura.
Apart from that, we also produce bottle sticker design. Choose our expert marketing solutions to make potential customers pick your products off the shelves. Our catchy taglines paired with bright, vibrant logo designs will make it stand out from its competitors. So take a step towards better packaging now by choosing our package and sticker design services.

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