Have you ever experienced the frustration of your sales team being overwhelmed by paperwork and monotonous tasks?  Perhaps the process of generating quotes seems to drag on, or locating customer information feels like an endless game.  If that’s the case, you’re not the only one. Countless businesses face challenges with sales processes that are inefficient, causing delays and hampering their progress.

So it’s time for you to adopt the game-changing FINAC Sales Management ERP Software!



1) Quotation

With Finac, you can say goodbye to the hassle of spreadsheets and effortlessly create polished quotes in no time. Enhance your product listings with detailed descriptions and captivating images. Streamline the approval process by offering an eSignature option for convenient client approval. In addition, payments are processed directly through the system, eliminating the need for any back-and-forth inconvenience.

2) Efficient Order Fulfillment:

Your quote can easily be converted into a sales order with just a few clicks.  Finac seamlessly integrates with your accounting software, making invoicing a breeze and ensuring prompt and efficient payment.

3) Bid Adieu to Paperwork:

The process of creating personalized invoices based on your sales orders is automated by our ERP Cloud Software. Never worry about misplaced documents again – all your paperwork is neatly organized and easily accessible.

4) Reach Worldwide, Locally:

Expand your reach globally! With Finac, you can effortlessly accept payments in more than 160 currencies, enabling seamless business transactions with individuals from all around the globe.It helps you manage your financial accounts and keeps everything well-organized. This solution offers a comprehensive view of your cash flow, guaranteeing that you have the necessary financial resources to effectively manage your business.

5) Effective Management of Returns:

By linking your ERP software with your warehouses and stores, you can quickly track returns, create credit notes, and update your inventory in real-time. Doing so guarantees reliable data and aids in spotting trends that could be influencing sales.


With the implementation of Finac ERP software, your sales process can be completely transformed from a tedious task to a streamlined system that propels your business forward. Our ERP Cloud Software will take care of the grunt work, allowing your sales team to concentrate on relationship building and deal closing.