Social Media Management for Spectra Baby Pakistan

While you launch a new brand or start a new company,  it is important to get the right public exposure. And social media is the right means for this. So, when our client Ms. Sehrish Khan brought Spectra Baby to Pakistan, she needed to create awareness about the products and generate conversions. Therefore, she collaborated with 3DM Solutions to avail of our fine graphic designing and digital marketing services.

Eye-catchy Image Posts & Animated Videos

To develop the digital image of the brand, the graphic designing and social media management team at 3DM Solutions created attractive posts and banners using the logo colors and the idea behind the brand.  Along with the posts, we also created engaging animated videos and gifs that would interest the audience.

Robust Customer Support

3DM Solutions works following the wishes of the client. We see their brand as their own which requires strong communication with the client. Everything is designed and written concerning what the client asked for. Our robust customer support always keeps the client updated and within the loop.

If you are looking to brand your business and enhance your social media presence, get in touch with 3DM Solutions.