Top 22 App Development Ideas For Startups in 2022

App development ideas are not anything new; however, it is able to appear intimidating when you’re simply beginning and want any app thought for a startup. What’s worse, there are such a lot of styles of apps you don’t even recognize where to start.


In this article, you’ll research all sorts of styles of apps and get a few excellent thoughts to get you started.

List of 22 App Ideas for Beginners, Students, and Startups

Inspire yourself with our listing of diverse smooth programs that you may make even in case you are only a beginner:

To-do App

Classical to-do app, by having the listing on an app on the phone, you remove the traumatic little papers that have a tendency to lose. Make it colorful, perhaps with more than one bullet factor symbol to pick from.

Notes App

Helps people create their non-public information and appointments in notes and let them apply later.  You could make notes in one-of-a-kind shapes and sizes, in addition to tones.

Calorie Counter

Simple, but effective. Using this app customers will recognize the dietary cost and energy in their meals. You could make all of it textual content or insert pictures of the meal.


While making this app you’ll research the significance of picture manipulation. This app Is excellent for novices due to the fact you simply ought to make the picture rotate the usage of arrows to turn it in one-of-a-kind directions.

Recipe App

Using this app the person can see a listing of recipe titles. By clicking on it, the overall recipe with meal type, difficulty level, and etc will reveal.

Quiz App

Users take a look at and exercise understanding via ways of answering the questions. You can improve it via means of making capabilities like sharing on social media, saving the results.

Chat App

Users speak with each other by sending messages. You can insert one-of-a-kind backgrounds, fonts, and such.


All the playing cards are grown to become at the clean aspect and customers ought to click on playing cards to locate the identical picture.

Countdown Timer

This app is excellent for counting right all the way down to a critical event. Try to feature a few extra capabilities like a warning message while it’s near the date.

Timetable Manager

Great for customers that want assistance dealing with their everyday routines. Make it as easy or complex as you need with greater shades, lists, and tables.

Mood Monitoring App

This one is currently pretty trending. It permits customers to monitor their everyday moods. By studying the patterns, it shows what (not) to do to be in a higher mood.

Unit Converter App

Useful in normal life, particularly cooking. You could make it for simple gadgets like pounds to pounds, or more like meters to inches, liters to cups.

Internet Speed Checker App

Simple to make, but beneficial to customers. You can customize it in any manner you need to make it more amusing.

Consult a Doctor App

Sometimes humans don’t want a complete check-up on the doctor. In this manner, they could use your app to seek advice from the medical doctors online about a few moderate problems they’re experiencing.

Lost & Found App

How generally have you ever misplaced your keys or jacket? This app permits the finders to publish a picture, in conjunction with the location, and in that manner, they could assist the proprietor to locate matters greater effortlessly.

Color Guessing Game

This one is meant for small children. You ought to develop an easy, interactive interface. Make it so it shows a number of colors in one-of-a-kind shapes and drawings. Also, ensure the names of the colors are included.

Table Booking App

Calls are so outdated. Make an app that shall we humans effortlessly make reservations, for starters to your home town or neighborhood

Video Editing App

You don’t want expert software to edit a video. There are many video enhancing apps available in the marketplace due to the excellent demand, and due to the fact, it’s pretty smooth to make. Try your own!

Fingerprint Authentication

Help humans improve their degree of safety via way of means of creating easy fingerprint authentication. Sure, most phones have it for unlocking the screen. But, you may make one for the gallery, notes app, or some other app customers use to store non-public data.

Karaoke App

Everybody loves karaoke. Make the app as flexible as you may via means of presenting all sorts of tune genres and amusing backgrounds for the lyrics. Make certain the person can sing via means of the usage of the filters that make a sound.

Parking Space Finder App

This one is usually in demand. Make one to your nearby network and assist humans to reduce their parking area search.

Fake Caller Application

Unfortunately, a much-wished app in lots of places. It needs to be advanced in a manner that permits the customers to make a fake name to the tool whilst on a suspicious route so that they feel safer.

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